Jeannine Henvey, a Long Island native, graduated magna cum laude from Hofstra University with a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

After graduate school she moved to Manhattan where she mastered the art of job hopping. She finally landed in publishing where she had a long stint as a promotional writer for many popular women’s magazines.

In 2009, Jeannine gave birth to her third child, which put her career officially into the "work-from-home-part-time-only" status.  She thought perhaps this self-induced house-arrest would be a good time to try something new, so she decided to write a book. What she didn’t realize was that her newfound endeavor would extended far beyond the nap time hours. She wrote throughout the night, was fully caffeinated before the sun came up, fell asleep during dinner once or twice, but somehow managed to finish the book. And even though she was the only one who liked that first manuscript, she discovered something important: her passion for writing. That is when she decided to write the story she really wanted to tell.

Jeannine had backpacked around Europe with three of her friends in between undergrad and grad school. Whether in a youth hostel, on the EuroRail, sitting in a pub, or at a sidewalk cafe, she kept a journal throughout the two month trip.  Over the years, she had come across the book and put it away, knowing that one day she would do something special with it. It was that journal that inspired her to write Tales From a Broad

When she's not traveling the world with her fictitious characters, Jeannine is happily grounded with her husband and three children on Long Island.